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Favorite Peeps Lyrics

I Slept With My Toes Between All My Sheets
It Feels Like I Never Could Really Keep Up
With All Of My Hands And All Of My Feet
I Need All The Warmth I Can Get From My
Favorite Peeps, I Keep Them Around
I Have To Stay Strong But I Wanna Give Up

My Fire Is Strong But Sometimes I Leap
Into The Pits Of Imaginary Slumps
With My New Kicks That I Never Picked
I Need All The Heart I Can Get From My
Favorite Loves, I Need Them With Me
I Should Stay Strong But I Wanna Give Up

It’s Just Love Lust Then Lonely
No Time To Be Alone
Don’t Know What I Have
But I Want What I Don’t

May Slip Slit My Wrist
With A Call On My Phone
Don’t Know What I Need
What I Have I Don’t See

They Said Give Time

They Take Me Around
They Tuck Me To Sleep
They Keep Me In Check
When I Wanna Break In

To My Own Self, Within My Debris
I Need All The Hugs I Can Get From My
Favorite Bugs, They Need Me Too
I Need To Stay Strong So I Don’t Let Them Know

Patience Is Fatal But Pain Is Not Weak

Written by: Prateek Kuhad

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